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Updates for Monaco: Mercedes brings six, Red Bull just two

Updates for Monaco: Mercedes brings six, Red Bull just two

26 May - 11:21 Last update: 12:27

That Mercedes would come up with upgrades this weekend was well-known. The German team is taking no fewer than six updates to the city-state. Red Bull Racing only has specific upgrades for this circuit. Aston Martin did bring some new parts to Monaco.

Mercedes W14-B?

The W14 will have side pods from this weekend, it was announced on Wednesday. Furthermore, the team has brought a lot of other upgrades to Monaco. For instance, the German constructor will also drive this weekend with a new floor, front suspension, rear wing and thus the new side pods. Red Bull has only brought updates for this type of circuit, such as a different rear wing and a slightly different front suspension.

Aston Martin also has some new parts on the AMR23 this weekend. These include a slightly different front and rear suspension and the team will also run with a different rear wing. Ferrari, like Red Bull, has brought a few new things to Monaco. The Scuderia only has a new rear wing and has changed a small element at the rear of the SF-23.

AlphaTauri with most updates

Of the remaining six teams, AlphaTauri and Alfa Romeo have brought the most updates, with nine and eight updates respectively. Alpine, McLaren and Williams all have five new parts. Haas, like Ferrari and Red Bull, comes to Monaco with only two updates.

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