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Verstappen on Honda: 'Were going to leave F1, now they're staying anyway'
Verstappen previews Monaco GP

Verstappen on Honda: 'Were going to leave F1, now they're staying anyway'

25 May - 14:02 Last update: 14:25

Max Verstappen did not have to join the press conference for the writing media on Thursday in Monaco, but the reigning champion did have to appear in front of the television cameras, including from Sky Sports. The Dutchman is looking to take his second win in Monaco this weekend.

Important qualifying

Qualifying in Monaco will be very important, as overtaking during the race will be very difficult in the narrow streets of Monte Carlo. Red Bull does not always have the fastest car when it comes to one lap. Nevertheless, Verstappen let it be known during a press event at the Monaco circuit that he remains positive: "We know that over one lap is normally not our strongest point, but nevertheless, we still took quite a few positions this year, you know. So it's still all possible."

Verstappen balks at Honda choice

It was announced on Wednesday morning that Honda will supply engines to Aston Martin from 2026. As recently as 2020, Honda decided to quit Formula 1, leaving Red Bull to build its own engines. Verstappen finds it unfortunate that Honda will now start making engines for the Silverstone-based team: "I think from our side, of course, it's a bit unfortunate how all of that turned out because, you know, a few years ago they say we're going to stop. So then Red Bull set up its whole engine division, and then at one point they say 'no, we continue'. But yeah, it's a bit of a shame, I would say. I mean, we always have and had a really good relationship with them and then seeing them, of course, go to Aston Martin is a bit of a shame. But I mean, we are also very excited, you know, from our side, from 2026 onwards, with what's going to happen together with Ford and yeah, it's what it is."

Wet weekend?

This weekend will possibly see the first driving with the new full wet tyres. Verstappen says he has not yet driven with those new rain tyres, and he would prefer that that does not happen this weekend either: "Just dry. I mean, I don't mind driving in the wet. I mean, last year also the start of the race was in the wet, but it's already I think chaotic enough this weekend. So, just having a normal weekend in the dry, I think would be nice."

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