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Mercedes pushes ahead: updates 'just' in Monaco
A small change to the schedule

Mercedes pushes ahead: updates 'just' in Monaco

18-05-2023 13:15 Last update: 13:56
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Toby McLuskie

Mercedes has decided to run with the updated W14 in Monaco. Actually, this should have already happened in Imola, but this race, as we know, was cancelled. True, there is a risk of driving damage in Monaco, but that does not stop the Germans from implementing the already announced updates.

After the disappointing performance of the W13, and then the W14, the Germans have decided to go in a different direction. In Monaco, the team will present its revamped car, which will feature a new floor, new front suspension and new sidepods. Christian Horner told earlier to expect a 'completely new car', judging by stories from the Mercedes camp.

Monaco is a very different circuit to Imola. Monaco is, by far, the slowest circuit on the calendar, where most of a lap cannot be run at full throttle. Unlike Mercedes, Ferrari decided not to put updates on the car until Barcelona, possibly because of the risk of crashes.