Vettel unhappy with Raikkonen: "I'm racing three cars"

04-09-2018 10:22
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
Vettel unhappy with Raikkonen: I'm racing three cars

Sebastian Vettel is unhappy with the way Kimi Raikkonen behaved himself during the Grand Prix, after the Finn firstly qualified in front of him and then didn't let him pass during the Grand Prix itself at the start.

The German started the race from P2 behind Raikkonen, but when he tried a move on Raikkonen in the first chicane, the Ice Man defended hard, clearly not wanting to give up his place to his teammate. Directly after the race, Vettel wanted a word with the team before talking to the media.

"When I had to evade him in the next chicane, Lewis could get past," Vettel told Ziggo Sport.

"I had no space and made a spin and had severe damage."

Finally, Vettel revealed why he went to Ferrari straight after the race. He wasn't happy with the team's strategy, which is understandable from his point of view.

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"I'm not particularly happy with the way Ferrari managed things on Saturday.

"It should've been me starting from pole position.

"For me, it's clear: I have to race three cars, including my teammate."

Normally, Vettel and Raikkonen get along nicely, but there's clearly a little rift between the two now. For once, Kimi bet on himself instead of letting Vettel past as he always has to do, which clearly surprised and upset Vettel.

Razvan Apetroaei +66 04-09-2018 11:08
:).. monte carlo dear seb, remember?
Spendoggy Dog +70 04-09-2018 11:28
I also recall two certain races in Austria and China... ;)
LM Pribluda +12 04-09-2018 13:07
¿ Austria ? Kimi finished ahead in Austria...they could have used team orders but they didn't.
WhisperBox +75 04-09-2018 11:47
Happy Raikkonen put up a fight.. Clearly not all Fin's are wingsmans
Erki Mänd +71 04-09-2018 11:54
What an a##hole! I dont understand why Ferrari wants to commit with bad sportsmanship Vettel! Its bad their reputation! And this vettel makes so.much mistakes and does not have nerves! My support to Kimi and Hamilton!
peter29 +67 04-09-2018 12:11
Lucky fool this Vettel, others are racing 19 cars, him only 3!!!...
Raikkonen is well able to be on pair with Vettel and as seen in qualification, even to beat Vettel.
If Ferrari wants to have a driver WDC, they should start supporting Raikkonen and give him one more year.
Vettel is a liability, making too many unforced errors. Kimi might be a bit slower, but very reliable and consistent, this was how he has won his WDC back then.
Vettel as N°1 and Kimi as N°2 is not working. Kimi can do more and Vettel is not able to provide the job he gets paid 50 mil for.
Double loss for Ferrari-wasted money on Vettel and wasted talent of Kimi.
George Biggs +72 04-09-2018 12:13
If he were better than the others he'd beat them anyway so what's he whining about
AlwaysLeavingDaSpace +35 04-09-2018 12:25
He's going to hate next year when Leclerc is next to him then!
Maldonadon +71 04-09-2018 12:46
Leclerc will dominate him next year
Maxime Balandier +5 04-09-2018 13:07
Mange t mort le Nazi #VettelSurcoté #GoKimi
Bob Wheeler +99 04-09-2018 20:26
Nazi??? Really? What are you an anarchistic A$$hole?
Anju Chacko +68 04-09-2018 13:09
Is Seb the only one who doesn't realise that if he had held on to his 2nd position instead of trying to overtake Kimi and thus leaving an opening for Lewis, Ferrari would have made Kimi move over for him or put Kimi on a compromising wingman strategy .. Somehow i think he wanted to show that he outraced Kimi and when that clearly failed due to his stupidity, he is throwing the blame around.. Won't be surprised if his bosses had some strong words with him after he effectively threw away yet another championship leading to this outburst
Kenneth Mirajkar +14 04-09-2018 13:11
On one hand, as a driver desperate to win the title, he's certainly right that a pole could have secured a 1-2 win given he makes much better starts than Kimi. However, downplaying him this way, especially saying Leclerc will trump him is sheer stupidity. He has the car, he has done it before, he will do it again and win this year. I hope this comes true and all the cribbers here can sleep in peace.
Viz +8 04-09-2018 20:59
History doesn’t back your comment. In 2014, he was soundly beaten by newcomer Dan Ricciardo after winning 4 WDC’s. RBR was built around him then too!
Shakhawat Forhan +11 04-09-2018 13:27
Seb is fighting for the title and clearly Kimi doesn't have a chance in the WDC. Ferrari should use team orders from now on.
Meriyani Odyuo Thakkar +27 04-09-2018 13:35
Cry baby
Ross Brawn +27 04-09-2018 13:55
No vet, you are the only obstacle in your races. Kimi is in a class way about you
James Bonnde +42 04-09-2018 14:02
Vettel should be fired. Bring back Alonso. Alonso would be leading now and likely won the title last year for Ferrari. Ferrari mgt should pay off Vettel for 2019. The guy is hopeless and blames everyone but himself.
madnessisfame +23 04-09-2018 17:24
Alonso in this Ferrari will be a dream come true of championships
GGiuseppeverdi +37 04-09-2018 14:23
Two-faced ass-licker
NB +5 04-09-2018 14:42
I'm not particularly happy with the way Ferrari managed things on Saturday.

"It should've been me starting from pole position."

Except he never said those words!! What kind of "journalism" is that? Disgusting.
Colin Jones +1 04-09-2018 18:58
How do you know was you with Vettle all the time then. It would have been a bit cramped in the car I would have thought.
NB +5 05-09-2018 22:23
His exact words aren’t hard to find.
Lainee Schroeder +8 04-09-2018 15:42
What a prima dona!
blackdog +45 04-09-2018 17:19
How very typical of Cry Baby Vettel.
Why don't you just change your name to Schumacher?
News flash Vettel. This F1 motor racing and you have to beat everyone on the track including your team mate.
Of course it does help if you can race wheel to wheel with Hamilton without crashing and spinning out!
Face it Vettel. Kimi beat you to pole, fastest lap in F1 history, and then Hamilton beat you in the race.
You keep making stupid mistakes because you quite simply are not good enough.
madnessisfame +23 04-09-2018 17:32
The sad thing about his statement if its true that he is "racing 3 cars" only is a negative outlook for the F1 sport industry...he should be racing all teams unfortunately...but Vettel is him, himself & Sebastian and nobody else on the grid...
Anthony McGowan +23 04-09-2018 17:35
Tough luck, seems "multi 21" karma coming back to bite ya. Vettel loves to benefit from team orders, not so giving when the shoe is on the other foot.
Apex Zulu +273 04-09-2018 19:21
I hope Raikkonen wipes the floor with Vettel from here on out. What is Ferrari going to do? Fire Raikkonen? GTFOH Vettel!
Bob Wheeler +99 04-09-2018 20:37
This last weekend has brought the Vettel haters out in droves. I can't believe all these keyboard commandos who think they know more about racing than a four time world champion. Personally I think the whole situation was unusual. Kimi did not seem "normal" and as a matter of fact he seemed somewhat hostile. Could it be because of his rumored ouster? Seems like he was given and took every opportunity to obstruct Vettel. Oh, well, haters will hate.
Martin Fallenstedt +7 04-09-2018 20:58
This is history repeating itself. Last few years it was Lewis agains his team mate Nico Rosberg. Nico was another person who did not want to be a Mercedes wingman and told Mercedes to shove it after he won the championship.
f1smithy +4 04-09-2018 21:43
Ferrari has always operated a BUTLER Policy, just ask Irvine, Barrichello, Räikkönen, the only reason Vettle the new Whinger & Whiner in F1 is upset, is his Butler Raced for himself and Vettle knows he could not beat Kimi is a straight fight, Marlborough Man needs to go back to flogging Fags. Time to retire Seb.
Fenech Abraham +41 05-09-2018 09:40
"instead of letting Vettel past as he always has to do," lol what a ridiculous remark. If Vettel out qualifies Kimi then Vettel is infront. It's Kimio we're talking about here not "Buttler-Bottas".
Steve Wyant +20 05-09-2018 09:43
Waah Waah Waah... Nobody's going to hand you the Championship this time, you're going to have to go out and get it.
PetrolGirl +4 05-09-2018 13:07
Maybe be a better drive instead of relying on the car... earn it bro- you are not entitled to anything!

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