Vettel unhappy with Raikkonen: "I'm racing three cars"

04-09-2018 10:22
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
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Vettel unhappy with Raikkonen: I'm racing three cars

Sebastian Vettel is unhappy with the way Kimi Raikkonen behaved himself during the Grand Prix, after the Finn firstly qualified in front of him and then didn't let him pass during the Grand Prix itself at the start.

The German started the race from P2 behind Raikkonen, but when he tried a move on Raikkonen in the first chicane, the Ice Man defended hard, clearly not wanting to give up his place to his teammate. Directly after the race, Vettel wanted a word with the team before talking to the media.

"When I had to evade him in the next chicane, Lewis could get past," Vettel told Ziggo Sport.

"I had no space and made a spin and had severe damage."

Finally, Vettel revealed why he went to Ferrari straight after the race. He wasn't happy with the team's strategy, which is understandable from his point of view.

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"I'm not particularly happy with the way Ferrari managed things on Saturday.

"It should've been me starting from pole position.

"For me, it's clear: I have to race three cars, including my teammate."

Normally, Vettel and Raikkonen get along nicely, but there's clearly a little rift between the two now. For once, Kimi bet on himself instead of letting Vettel past as he always has to do, which clearly surprised and upset Vettel.

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