'Binotto turned down offer to become Alpine team boss'

'Binotto turned down offer to become Alpine team boss'

11 May - 19:44 Last update: 21:47

Cas van de Kleut

Things are getting hotter and hotter for Alpine team boss Otmar Szafnauer. The Romanian-American has so far failed to bring his team closer to Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes. There are now even rumours that Mattia Binotto has been approached to become the new team boss of the French racing stable.

While both Aston Martin and Alpine wanted to keep the pressure on among the top three, only Aston Martin has so far succeeded. Alpine, formerly known as Renault, are currently fifth in the constructors' championship, still behind McLaren, which also massively underperformed in the first five races.

Binotto new team boss?

Now is bringing out that Alpine CEO Laurent Rossi is said to have approached Mattia Binotto. Dissatisfied with Szafnauer's performance, the Frenchman might be looking for a new team boss. Binotto is said to have turned down the French racing stable's offer. So for now, the Swiss will not become Alpine's new team boss.