Verstappen to Mercedes an option? 'Willing to leave Red Bull'

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Is Max Verstappen to Mercedes really an option?

With all the drama unfolding in the aftermath of the investigation into Red Bull Racing team boss Christian Horner, speculation is rife. For instance, Jos Verstappen and Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff are said to have spoken. According to The Telegraph, Max Verstappen would even be willing to leave Red Bull for the German team if necessary.

During the Bahrain Grand Prix weekend, Jos Verstappen made some statements about Horner after having a heated discussion with the Red Bull team boss. Later, the former Formula 1 driver said it was better not to say anything more about the situation.

Conversation between Jos Verstappen and Toto Wolff

After the race, Verstappen was seen talking to Wolff, who added fuel to the fire by not ruling out bringing Max Verstappen to Mercedes if Lewis Hamilton left there. However, he did stress that F1 drivers will "always choose the fastest car" and that the conversation only took place to congratulate Jos on his son's victory.

Still, the meeting was remarkable, as the two camps are said to have not spoken to each other since the events at Silverstone 2021. So now Verstappen Sr. and Wolff seem to have reconciled. Whether Max Verstappen takes the same view is not clear. Red Bull adviser Helmut Marko suggested that Wolff would try to hijack the driver away but that Verstappen would not simply forget what happened in 2021.

'Verstappen willing to swap Red Bull for Mercedes'

Still, a possible switch to Mercedes would be among the possibilities, The Telegraph reports. Not only on the paddock were Verstappen and Wolff said to have spoken to each other, but they also reportedly stayed at the same hotel, The Four Seasons, where a conversation also reportedly took place. According to the British outlet, Jos Verstappen is said to have even told friends that his son will leave Red Bull if necessary.