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Horner does not care about criticism from others: 'I don’t give a sh*t'

Horner does not care about criticism from others: 'I don’t give a sh*t'

11-05-2023 12:52


Red Bull team boss Christian Horner caused a stir in Baku with a team radio addressed to Max Verstappen. It gave a group of people the impression that he put the Dutchman above his teammate Sergio Perez. In the podcast Pardon My Take, the Brit spoke about his own impression.

"Checo got a little lucky with the safety car, but it is a long long season," Horner told the Dutchman over the team radio. According to some Formula 1 fans, the team boss hinted at a possible preference for Verstappen in this, arguing that the season is still long and there is time enough to still catch Perez. The Red Bull man later denied this.

'Horner doesn't care'

Horner faced criticism over the team radio message. "The problem is is people always pick out little bits that they want to hear or they want to see, and the most important thing is what our drivers feel and what our team feels," Horner said.

He cares little about the opinions of others, he says: "To be honest I don't really give a sh*t what others think. It's about what they [drivers] think and what the team think."

Red Bull bad for Formula 1?

The Brit also discussed the performance of his own team. Red Bull are currently outperforming all other teams. Is Red Bull's supremacy of bad influence on the sport? "Well, from my perspective, obviously not," Horner said. "Don't write those other teams off because we're about to head back to Europe fairly shortly. Big upgrades, we know are in the pipeline for some of our rivals. And this year we have a restricted amount that we can develop the car with in terms of timing our wind tunnel. So I'm expecting the others to come back at us through the summer."