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Windsor thinks strategy wouldn't have mattered: 'Verstappen was faster'

Windsor thinks strategy wouldn't have mattered: 'Verstappen was faster'

08-05-2023 21:27 Last update: 09-05-2023 07:25

Cas van de Kleut

After a disappointing qualifying session for Max Verstappen, many media speculated in advance about a possible new leader in the championship, namely teammate Sergio Perez. However, the race went differently than most people expected, and through good strategy, Verstappen still won dominantly. In his race analysis, Peter Windsor discusses whether Perez would have had a better chance with the same compared to his Dutch teammate.

The strategy of starting on the hard tyre proved to be a good one. Verstappen drove quickly to the front and was already in second place after 15 laps. Perez, who started on the medium tyre, did not manage to drive away from his teammate, and even after a change to a hard tyre, the Mexican did not manage to create a gap. The Dutchman quickly passed his teammate after his pit stop to medium tyre, and then also managed to set the fastest lap.

'Miami is Verstappen circuit'

However, Peter Windsor does not think a different strategy would have made a difference to the race result: "Max was always quicker, lap for lap, fuel load for fuel load, tyre compound for tyre compound, then his teammate Sergio Perez around Miami as we kind of predicted. It's a Max Verstappen kind of circuit. Lots of medium-speed and some high-speed breaking. All the things he's very good at. And not so many Sergio Perez type corners. Low speed, tight corners. The type we saw in Baku. The acceleration runs out of corners with long straights that followed. Verstappen was just brilliant."