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Norris on his car: 'We were just unlucky with the damage'

Norris on his car: 'We were just unlucky with the damage'

04-05-2023 21:12 Last update: 21:23


We saw in Azerbaijan how McLaren is becoming increasingly competitive. Lando Norris picked up a few more points at the Baku Grand Prix. The Englishman noticed that the base level of his car is starting to improve. At the press conference, he explained where he thinks he is with his car.

"I think we're just in that middle spot at the minute. And it's close between us, Alpine, AlphaTauri, Haas at times, Alfa Romeo. Everyone is there or thereabouts. So it's just a close battle. One day we'll look a bit better and the next day we'll look a little bit worse. But it's enjoyable." said the McLaren driver.

Norris on his car

Despite McLaren's poor start this season, Norris is by no means gloomy. "The season started a few races ago, but I guess we're playing a little bit of catch-up from where we should have been, honestly. We just got unlucky with the damage and things like that. And then we've had a good race in Australia and a better race in Baku. So nothing's bad."

McLaren's improvements are creating a lot of positivity for Norris, but he still looks back on the painful start to this season. "I know people keep saying we had a bad start. We should have scored points in the first race of the season. We could have possibly scored them in the second. We were just unlucky."