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Leclerc on Vasseur's plans: 'I trust him completely'

Leclerc on Vasseur's plans: 'I trust him completely'

04-05-2023 20:53 Last update: 21:09


Charles Leclerc made it clear that he has full confidence in his team boss Frederic Vasseur. The Monegasque explained at the press conference that he has been given the plans of his Ferrari team boss. The driver is confident of that, it seems.

The number six in the current standings has a lot of faith in his current team boss. Vasseur, who is team boss of Ferrari for the first time this season, has already been criticised. For instance, the results would not be satisfactory. The 25-year-old Monegasque thinks otherwise.

Leclerc on Vasseur

"I mean, obviously, I speak a lot with Fred, and I know what his middle and long-term plans for the team are. And I'm completely behind him and I trust him fully." the Ferrari driver said at the press conference. "So, I'm sure these are the right choices and it goes in the right direction for the team. So, for that, I'm looking forward to it." he added.

The driver also explained that the most important phase for Vasseur is only now beginning. "I think he's just starting this process now. I mean, until now, he was basically trying to analyse the situation as quickly as possible in order to do the best changes possible for the future. So, yeah, I think the big part of the job will be done from now on."