Can Alonso win in Monaco? 'Anticipate two problems: Verstappen and Perez'


fittipaldi does see alonso win in monaco with luck
22 April at 17:30
Last update 22 April at 19:36

At 41 years old, Fernando Alonso looks better, sharper and more motivated than ever this season. The Spaniard switched from Alpine to Aston Martin last winter and 2023 saw him on the podium three times in three Grands Prix. Emerson Fittipaldi still expects a lot from Alonso and does not even rule out a win in Monaco.

Like Red Bull Racing, Aston Martin is a very good bolide in terms of aerodynamics. In the slow corners, the AMR23 is incredibly competitive. The RB19 is superior to the Aston Martin car, especially on the straights, but since those are missing in Monaco, Alonso is given good chances.

Chances in Monaco

"He is one of the favourites to win there," said Fittipaldi, who knows that anything can happen in the principality and a mistake is in a small corner. "The battle for pole position will be crucial as always because 70 per cent of the time whoever gets to start first wins. Qualifying will be crucial."

Despite expecting the differences between the RB19 and AMR23 to be even smaller than at other circuits, Fittipaldi foresees 'two problems': "One is Max Verstappen and the other is Sergio Pérez. Both will also be very strong in Monaco, but clearly, Fernando will have his chances. He can win if he is lucky."

Can Alonso continue this level?

Fittipaldi himself knows what it is like to come out late in life in Formula 1. The Brazilian last won a race in IndyCar in the United States at the age of 47. "Physically he is very good and he is hungry to win. He has the will to win, he has the 'grit.' His mentality and character are very strong and he is very competitive. That makes the difference."