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Domenicali on F1 film Pitt and Hamilton

F1 film Brad Pitt and Hamilton will be 'invasive' at Silverstone

14 April at 19:08
Last update 14 April at 23:05
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Lewis Hamilton and Brad Pitt's Formula 1 film will be fully integrated into the race weekend at Silverstone. Speaking to Formula 1 investors, chairman Stefano Domenicali announced that the sport is working closely with the film's producers, although it may become "invasive" during the race weekend.

Besides Hamilton and Pitt, producer Jerry Bruckheimer is also involved in the project. The film will be directed by Joseph Kosinski, who also recently made Top Gun: Maverick. The team will have the full cooperation of Formula 1, Domenicali made clear, although the sport itself will of course take priority.

"We're going to start the shooting in Silverstone very soon, and you will see it will be the first movie when basically, they will be within the racing event," the F1 president explained, quoted by Racefans. "It will be quite invasive in terms of production, it's something that we need to control in a way, but it will be another way of showing that F1 never stops."

Film should have even more impact than Drive to Survive

Liberty Media CEO Greg Maffei added that although Drive to Survive has done a lot for the popularity of the sport, the Netflix series does not have eternal life either. That's why Formula One needs to look at other options, Maffei reasoned. "The Simpsons has gone for 20 years, but there aren't that many shows that run that long. Drive to Survive is wonderful. But we cannot rely on Drive to Survive to be our only promotion vehicle forever. You’ve got to keep it fresh, change the game. Its audience is not that big. This movie, kind of like Vegas, is going to be a whole other level. We've already seen some of what they're going to do, and how they're going to skin these cars. They took the technology from Top Gun, and it's going to be amazing."