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Verstappen to Australia: This was his complicated travel plan

Verstappen to Australia: This was his complicated travel plan

28 March - 16:36 Last update: 29 March - 07:38


With all F1 teams and most drivers situated in Europe, taking part in the Australian Grand Prix means making quite a journey. Most drivers fly with commercial planes, albeit business class. Max Verstappen uses his plane, so also to get to Melbourne. In this case, that results in a hefty journey full of stopovers.

For Verstappen, flying with a commercial airline is undoubtedly not an appealing prospect. As a two-time world champion, the Red Bull Racing Dutchman lives in a panopticon. Thanks to his private plane, Verstappen has more privacy, which also means he has to travel longer and with more stops.

Many stopovers

The Twitter account Max Verstappen's Jet tracks where and when the world champion's plane departs and lands using international flight data. This shows that on the way to Melbourne, the necessary stops have to be made to refuel. Verstappen left Nice airport on Monday, to make the first stop in Turkey.

He then flew via the Middle East - where two stopovers were made - to an Indonesian island. Another stopover also followed in Java. Then it was off to Australia, where a final stopover had to be made. Meanwhile, he landed in Victoria, the state in which Melbourne is located.