Former Mercedes chief doesn't understand Wolff: 'Why make such a secret of it?'

Former Mercedes chief doesn't understand Wolff: 'Why make such a secret of it?'

27 March - 10:12 Last update: 10:54

Red Bull Racing won the first two Grands Prix of the season convincingly. In Bahrain, Fernando Alonso's gap was 38 seconds and in Saudi Arabia it was 20 seconds, although it would have been a lot more without the safety car. The Austrian racing stable is dominant with its car, but is the RB19 the most dominant car ever in Formula 1?

It may be a bit early in the season anyway to make a definitive judgement on this, but for now opinions are still pretty divided. Lewis Hamilton revealed after the weekend at the Jeddah Corniche Circuit that the RB19 is the most dominant F1 car he has ever seen in his career. Paddy Lowe stated at Formel1.the that the 2014 Mercedes car was even a lot more dominant, something that is again denied by Toto Wolff.

Lowe was employed by the German formation as Executive Director the year in question. The former top team doesn't think any other team had as much of an advantage as Mercedes did then. The margin towards the competition was so large that they usually did not need the full engine power to still win by a comfortable margin.

Wolff and Lowe disagree

So Wolff disagrees. "Paddy must have been on a different team from me," he says. Lowe, for his part, does not understand why the Austrian team boss talks down the superiority of then. "I don't know why people make such a secret of it. Everyone suspected it anyway. There is nothing to be ashamed of. The staff at Brixworth just did an excellent job with the engine."

In 2014, out of 19 races, the Mercedes F1 W05 Hybrid was on pole position no fewer than 18 times. Sixteen times it won a Grand Prix. A total of 31 podium finishes were achieved and, of course, the drivers' and constructors' championships went to the team of drivers Lewis Hamilton and then Nico Rosberg.