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Vasseur is optimistic: 'We are going to catch Red Bull'

Vasseur is optimistic: 'We are going to catch Red Bull'

22 March - 10:37 Last update: 12:15


Fred Vasseur has had his baptism of fire as team boss of Ferrari, and one thing has become clear: the Italians are massively behind Red Bull. Yet the Frenchman is more positive about the future than you might expect, it appears in conversation with Motorsportweek.com.

In Bahrain, the cars from Maranello seemed to be in a battle for second place in the Constructors' Championship. But how different it was in Saudi Arabia. Ferrari was arguably the fourth team on the grid. Behind Red Bull, Aston Martin ánd Mercedes. Carlos Sainz could not fight for a podium finish, while teammate Charles Leclerc frequently expressed his displeasure with his race over the on-board radio.

Ferrari know what to work on

Despite this, Fred Vasseur looks to the future with confidence.Whether Red Bull is still up for grabs for Ferrari? "I think so," Vasseur said optimistically. "We know that we have to improve, but I think it’s the DNA of our sport. We know that we have to work and we’ll continue, and be sure that from tomorrow morning, I’ll be in the office and push like hell." Vasseur is optimistic for a reason. "I think it’s not the right attitude to think about the gap, to think will we be able to close the gap and so on."

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