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'Grosjean considered Formula E before his accident'

'Grosjean considered Formula E before his accident'

11-03-2023 14:27 Last update: 15:00


In 2020, it became clear that Romain Grosjean was going to lose his seat in Formula 1. The Swiss-French driver started looking around for future possibilities. One of those possibilities was Formula E.

Dilbagh Gill, then team boss at FE team Mahindra Racing, told The Race about the period when the driver briefly considered making the switch to the electric racing class. It was a potential scenario that Gill would have liked to see: Grosjean as a test driver in 2021 and eventually a seat on the grid in 2022.


Grosjean spent a day at Mahindra on the simulator. "He did well and the engineers were impressed, he seemed quite interested. He felt street circuits were something which he really liked and enjoyed and could get results at," Gill said. “Even the load and balance of the calendar with family life, etc. was quite interesting for him so I think it was at least a consideration for him after F1.”

Unfortunately, it was to no avail for Mahindra. After his violent accident at the 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix, Grosjean entered into talks with IndyCar and decided to race there.