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Jo Ramírez on Alonso, Hamilton and Verstappen

Ramírez compares Verstappen to Senna: 'He is almost unstoppable'

11 March at 13:53
Last update 11 March at 14:29
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Jo Ramírez is a prominent figure in Formula 1. From the 1960s until 2001, the Mexican worked for several teams, half of that time as coordinator for McLaren. There, he had to deal with the fierce rivalry between teammates Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna. Now, as an expert by experience, he looks ahead to the 2023 season.

Ramirez is enthusiastic about the on-track action he saw at the season opener in Bahrain. The 81-year-old speaks highly at AS about, among other things, the duel between world champions Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton:

"It was a fantastic duel between two phenomena. Fernando passed him, Lewis regained his position and the Spaniard found a way to pass him again, and in an incredible way. I thought it was amazing. Those manoeuvres make this sport great."

'Verstappen is like Senna'

The pensionado is also enthusiastic about Max Verstappen. He calls the Dutchman the safest investment one could make if they wanted to bet money on who will be world champion in 2023. "The man is very good. He has taken on the role of Ayrton Senna in modern F1 and with that car, that team and Adrian Newey, he is almost unstoppable."

Ramírez also calls Red Bull driver and compatriot Sergio Perez a very good driver, although he lacks the 'killer instinct' that Verstappen does have. Now, one can tensely wait and see if the former McLaren employee, who has already seen so much in his career, is right about Red Bull and Verstappen.