RUMOUR: Verstappen set to use his veto on Carlos Sainz

05-08-2018 11:02
by Matt Gretton
RUMOUR: Verstappen set to use his veto on Carlos Sainz

The shock departure of Daniel Ricciardo opens up a seat next to Max Verstappen in the Red Bull garage. Carlos Sainz naturally hopes to move there, but according to Marca, Verstappen would deploy his veto.

Reportedly, Red Bull will not sign Carlos Sainz because Max Verstappen would use his veto against him. This is because the Dutchman feels he will be a threat to his status at Red Bull.

Verstappen and Sainz have partnered together before at Toro Rosso. The relationship between the two drivers became rather bitter in 2015.

At the moment, it looks like Pierre Gasly will move over to Red Bull. The 22-year-old has been impressive in the Toro Rosso car over the course of the current season. Many would suggest that Fernando Alonso should sign, but we know what happened the last time Honda and Alonso joined together.

Zak Brown has already admitted his interest in Carlos Sainz which would suggest Sainz will become a McLaren driver soon.

Sheila Goodwin +15 05-08-2018 17:01
i'm a bit surprised that RB would let a spoiled 20 year old dictate who should be in their team. If i were in charge I think NOT
Renkum +220 06-08-2018 07:28
Rumour!!! There no veto right
Bob Wheeler +65 06-08-2018 12:04
A rumor constructed on a rumor.
1. Sainz going to RBR
2. Verstappen has veto power over who his boss hires.

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