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Vowles sees stark contrast between Mercedes and Williams: 'We had everything'

Vowles sees stark contrast between Mercedes and Williams: 'We had everything'

26 February - 18:52 Last update: 27 February - 07:31


James Vowles faces a big challenge in his new role as team boss at Williams. The former Mercedes chief strategist makes no bones about the fact that there is work to be done at the iconic Formula 1 team.

Apart from technical director Francois-Xavier Demaison, who left the team in December at the same time as former team boss Jost Capito, head of aerodynamics David Wheater is also said to have resigned his post. Speaking to The Race, Vowles said that the first priority is to get the structure of the technical team right and appoint people to the top positions that are not currently held.

Vowles realistic about Williams

Even after that, however, hard work will be needed to restore something of its former glory. "It’s just understanding where Williams is. I had the benefit really of being in an organisation where if you required something, you asked for it, you were provided it. We had everything you could possibly imagine and it’s a stark contrast to where I am now," he pinpoints the big differences with his former employer Mercedes. The budget cap does not make that situation any easier.

However, Vowles sees in Williams a strong organisation that worked very hard over the winter period to put a new F1 car on the grid. All that had to be done without the presence of a technical director, a position the new team boss is not rushing to fill. "The key is making sure we find the person that fits the organisation for the long-term," said the 43-year-old Briton.

A big challenge for the former Mercedes strategist, but he has every confidence in the staff of his new team. "They’ve obviously had a difficult, probably last 15 years or so," says Vowles, referring to the financial problems the team has been in. "But you can still tell that the same level of passion that is shared irrespective of the grid position you’re in is there and available to you. And they’ll work, whatever it takes really, to move forwards."

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