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Red Bull inspiration evident on Alfa Romeo's C43

Red Bull inspiration evident on Alfa Romeo's C43

7 February - 12:41 Last update: 16:20

Alfa Romeo was the fourth Formula 1 team to present its car, but the first to actually show the new car to the world. There are some interesting changes to the C43, some of which seem to have been inspired by Red Bull Racing's RB18.

Biggest changes Alfa Romeo C43

The C43 looks significantly different from the 2022 C42. One major change, for example, is to the floor, which has a distinctive jagged appearance. This design should ensure that air currents are directed along the car instead of underneath it. In addition, the changes mandated by the FIA have been implemented, a decision whose timing could have been better, according to Alfa Romeo.

Another important change can be seen at the rear of the car. Technical director Jan Monchaux stressed that there was untapped potential there and so the team has tinkered with it quite a bit: for instance, the rear suspension and floor have been revised and the team has opted for a different solution in terms of cooling, with the bodywork resembling the rear of Adrian Newey's RB18.

Red Bull inspiration

However, the inspiration by Red Bull is most evident in the sidepods. Alfa Romeo is not the first F1 team to come up with a similar design to that of the Austrian racing stable: Aston Martin already did so in Barcelona 2022, which brought accusations of copying against the team. It is possible we will see the sidepod design more often, as it has proved very successful for Red Bull Racing.

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