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Coulthard backs FIA decision: 'Bit like the Oscars'

Coulthard backs FIA decision: 'Bit like the Oscars'

30 January - 16:27 Last update: 21:39


David Coulthard understands why the FIA has chosen to institute rules around putting out political messages. Speaking to the Swedish newspaper Expressen he argued that it is important to set limits as an organisation, as the situation could otherwise tip over.

Last month, the FIA announced that teams and drivers in Formula 1 would now have to seek permission from the FIA to put out a political statement. The news was met with resistance in the motorsport class.

Coulthard stands up for FIA

However, Coulthard thinks the organisation has taken the right path with the rule. While the former Formula 1 driver supports using the sport to put issues on the map, he believes there is a risk of overdoing it.

"It's a bit like the acceptance speech at the Oscars. If everyone takes the opportunity to make a political statement, there is no issue that is not important to someone," Coulthard said. "So either we should mention everything, or it might be better to say nothing at all and focus on the sport."

"I understand that there are people who bring up the issue of freedom of speech and that is certainly an important point to keep in mind," he continued. "But I also think we have to remember that we are talking about sports rules, not debate rules or political rules."

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