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Horner and Krack back Vettel: 'He has the personality for it'

Horner and Krack back Vettel: 'He has the personality for it'

10 January - 16:26 Last update: 18:48


Team bosses Christian Horner and Mike Krack of Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin have expressed confidence in a possible return of Vettel in a supporting role. Both team bosses support Vettel should he take up a role within a team or in Formula 1's overall organisation.

Sebastian Vettel was given a beautiful and respectful farewell at the end of 2022: a dinner with all the drivers, a pre-race honour parade, the slogan 'Danke Seb' on shirts and helmets and a special post-race interview. And although Vettel has made it clear several times that he has no concrete plans for the future yet, it seems very unlikely that his departure from Formula 1 is permanent.

'He understands the value of people'

Analysts and fans have been speculating for a while that Vettel might return in a supporting role: not as a driver but as a manager, advisor or perhaps even team boss. Asked by Formula1.com whether they see that as a possibility, Horner and Krack were clear: Vettel would be ideally suited for that.

"He's a great people person," Horner explained. " He understands the value of people and the contribution that they make to success. he's turned into somewhat of a driver counsellor in the last couple of years as well. He's one of those guys that's annoyingly good at anything he chooses to do. So I'm sure if he chose that path he would be very good at it."

Krack added: "He has the personality and all the skill needed to do that. So I think he could be a good one, yeah."