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Hamilton on possible title fight: 'Why wouldn't they compete?'

Hamilton on possible title fight: 'Why wouldn't they compete?'

04-01-2023 18:42 Last update: 22:41


Lewis Hamilton hopes Mercedes can fight for the championship again next season. The Brit also hopes there will be more competition in the battle for the title next season and comes up with two surprising names.

Mercedes' dominance in the Constructors' Championship came to an end last year after Red Bull Racing managed to dethrone the German team. Mercedes had to settle for third place and Hamilton, meanwhile, experienced his first season without a win in Formula 1. The Brit, meanwhile, saw his great rival Max Verstappen become a two-time World Champion and achieve a record number of victories.


However, the Mercedes driver hopes to be back in contention for podium spots in 2023 and is full of optimism after the team's second half of the season came out a lot better. For example, teammate George Russell even managed to take his first ever Formula 1 victory in Brazil.

And although Hamilton expects Ferrari and Red Bull to compete for wins again next season, he hopes there will be more competition alongside Mercedes. "Hopefully at least three. Maybe surprisingly more. Why can't McLaren be there? We will see. Or maybe even Alpine, they have done a fantastic job," concluded the seven-time World Champion in conversation with F1.com