Stroll is Stroll again: this is how his (brief) interview with the media went

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lance stroll has short conversation with media, as stroll is
19 May at 11:42
  • Ludo van Denderen

For every Formula 1 driver, it is an obligation: after a qualifying session or Grand Prix, a round has to be made to the media. First the television crews from the rights holders, then it's the turn of the written media. Max Verstappen, for example, takes about 10 minutes with the writing press. Lance Stroll is different. Immediately after qualifying in Imola, with a mob of media around him, Stroll was once again Stroll. This is the full and integral interview with Aston Martin's Canadian.

What was your feeling with the car Lance, especially the upgrade package as well?

"Well, just not the weekend we were hoping for with the upgrades we brought. Not competitive enough."

Do you have any idea as to why? What's not working with those upgrades?

"I think everything is working, it's just not good enough. So, keep pushing."

Is it a case of trying to, when you bring upgrades, try to refine the setup and refine the sweet spots?

"I don't think so, no."

Do you think they're a backward step compared to…

"No, not a backward step. I think that's where we are right now."

It's getting tighter and tighter though.

"Yes, I think the other teams are looking competitive. We're just not competitive enough at the moment."

What's it going to take to turn that around? A lot of time?

"Keep bringing upgrades, keep putting downforce on the car and making it quicker. That's the name of the game in Formula 1."

Does the car feel alright? Because a quick car sometimes doesn't feel good, but does this?

"I would say, it feels the same as it felt all year. Like I said, we brought some upgrades. They might have helped a bit, but I think we just need much more to catch those teams further up the grid."

So, from your perspective, what's lacking on this car?

"Downforce and some balance, behavioural stuff that we've been, I think, dealing with all year."

This article was written in collaboration with Olly Darcy