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Verstappen tempted by Le Mans: 'But already have many F1 races'

Verstappen tempted by Le Mans: 'But already have many F1 races'

21-12-2022 09:03 Last update: 09:17


Max Verstappen is eyeing Le Mans or Daytona, but for now the Dutchman is content with his spot in Formula 1. With 23 races (perhaps 24 if a replacement is found for the Chinese Grand Prix), Verstappen has another busy schedule in 2023.

Verstappen, along with Christian Horner and Sebastian Vettel, was a guest on Servus TV's Austrian programme Sport und Talk to discuss the past season. Among other topics was the dinner with all the drivers during the final race weekend in Abu Dhabi. During the dinner, the Formula 1 drivers said goodbye to Vettel, who has since retired.

"We talked about many things. It was a very nice evening, which doesn't normally happen. The last time was in Shanghai in 2016. In the end we all said - we should do this more often, maybe once or twice a year," reveals the two-time world champion about the dinner.

Verstappen shows interest in Le Mans and Daytona

Verstappen has previously hinted that he would be interested in participating in Le Mans should the opportunity arise. "I would be attracted to Le Mans or even Daytona at some point. But we already have 23 races in Formula 1 and especially the classic at Le Mans always takes place on the same weekend as a Grand Prix. Now I just want to be home for a few days after we have been on the road for so long. I'm really looking forward to that," says the Dutchman.