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Kelly Piquet on relationship with Verstappen: 'He's similar to my father'

Kelly Piquet on relationship with Verstappen: 'He's similar to my father'

21-12-2022 07:59 Last update: 09:10


Kelly Piquet, Max Verstappen's girlfriend, is on the cover of this month's Dutch Vogue. Speaking to the magazine, she talks more about her life in the world of motorsport and her relationship with the two-time world champion.

That Piquet is on the cover of Dutch Vogue as a Brazilian model is special, but the daughter of three-time world champion Nelson Piquet has several ties to the Netherlands. Her boyfriend is none other than Formula 1 driver Verstappen and her mother, Sylvia Tamsma, is from the Netherlands.

From an early age, Kelly has been very interested in the world of motorsport. "I was always very involved in my brother's career. I've experienced the ups and downs, seen what pressure does to someone. This world is so familiar to me, I know what those guys go through," Piquet says in the interview.

'Verstappen is similar to Nelson Piquet'

The 34-year-old model also talks openly about her relationship with Verstappen. "He remains so humble, he has both feet firmly on the ground. What I really like is that he knows what he wants and he is not afraid to say it. He is confident and not interested in fame or material things. We have a lot in common, are bon vivants. I realise more and more how similar he is to my father."

Meeting Verstappen

The two met back in 2016, but their relationship only began in 2020. However, Piquet does not want to elaborate on her first meeting with Verstappen. Indeed, in 2017, she got into a relationship with the Dutchman's former colleague Daniil Kvyat, with whom she had a daughter in July 2019. The two broke up five months later. A year later, news emerged that she was dating Verstappen.

"Maybe one day we will reveal the whole story, but I am careful with what I say. On the internet, everything derails so quickly. It's nice to keep some things between us and us alone," Piquet ends.

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