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Father Vettel: 'No idea whether Sebastian will miss F1'

Father Vettel: 'No idea whether Sebastian will miss F1'

18-12-2022 15:48 Last update: 17:11

Norbert Vettel, the father of four-time F1 world champion Sebastian Vettel, previously opened up about his son's performance in the rain. However, the Heppenheimer had more to say to This related to his own experiences as a driver's father, the 2010 world championship, and Sebastian's future.

Formula 1 is, of course, a sport that will always know risks, yet it has become incredibly safe. Nevertheless, Vettel's father says he has been tense during his son's races, also because of the performance aspect. “If I’m not at the track, I’m following every session, either watching the TV or listening to the radio or if I can’t get either of those, I just follow the live timing, looking at every lap Sebastian does. I’m always nervous for him. Next year, I won’t be nervous!”

World champion

Sebastian became world champion for the first time in 2010, also accounting for the first world championship ascribed to Austrian team Red Bull Racing. “This was a nice time – I was just so proud of him,” says Norbert. “Every father, every mother, you do everything for the children. So to watch him go from karting to world champion was incredible.”

When asked if Sebastian will miss F1 life after sixteen years, Norbert replies that he will, even though that is really his feeling. As for Sebastian's feelings, he is not sure. "When you’ve been in this hamster wheel for so many years, racing since he was eight, it’s hard to know how he will feel now he is off the wheel."