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Ford doesn't deny Red Bull rumours: 'Speculative stories'

Ford doesn't deny Red Bull rumours: 'Speculative stories'

16-12-2022 09:43 Last update: 11:44


Ford is currently being linked to a collaboration with Red Bull Racing, but the car brand itself would not yet comment on the rumours.

Several stories have surfaced in the past week that Ford would be interested in partnering with Red Bull Racing. Talks between the two parties are already said to be taking place about a possible collaboration from 2026, although neither party has yet responded.

Ford denies nothing

Sports Business Journal did get a response from Ford: ''We do not comment on speculative stories,'' a Ford Performance spokesperson revealed. Ford was last involved in F1 in 2004 with Cosworth engines. Since then, the focus has moved more towards NASCAR and F1 disappeared from the picture.

However, with three Grands Prix in the United States from 2023, attention for the sport at home is growing and it would potentially be interesting for Ford to re-enter the sport. This would involve partnering with Red Bull Powertrains on engine development. Ford would not be looking for a majority stake like Porsche.