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De Vries chooses permanent starting number in Formula 1

De Vries chooses permanent starting number in Formula 1

15-12-2022 11:41 Last update: 12:06


The FIA has released the official entry list for the 2023 season. The Formula 1 drivers' permanent start numbers are also included in this document. Nyck de Vries has opted for number 21.

It is common practice in F1 for drivers to choose their own starting number. It is an important moment because the number cannot be changed again and are fixed for the rest of the F1 career. Only the reigning world champion can change his number. For example, Max Verstappen will continue to drive with number 1 on his Red Bull Racing car in 2023.

De Vries reveals permanent number

De Vries made his F1 race debut with Williams at the 2022 Italian Grand Prix. The Dutchman drove with start number 45 that weekend, but that is not the number he will also drive with AlphaTauri next season. Indeed, De Vries has opted for starting number 21, so the 27-year-old driver will drive the rest of his time in Formula 1 with this number.

The choices of newcomers Logan Sargeant and Oscar Piastri had been known for a while. Piastri will drive with starting number 81 at McLaren, while Sargeant has opted for number 2.

Among the team and engine names, there are two changes. The Haas team enters the season with the official name Moneygram Haas F1 Team after the arrival of the new sponsor. At Red Bull and AlphaTauri, there is an interesting change with the engine name. As a new deal has been signed with Honda, the engine will continue under the name Honda RBPT (Red Bull Power Trains) in 2023.