Renault enjoy a period expansion as they head towards 2021

12-07-2018 19:34
by Matt Gretton
Renault enjoy a period expansion as they head towards 2021

Renault have been driving through a transition period over the last season or so. And Nick Chester confirms the team are starting to see the benefits of this hard work.

At the British Grand Prix weekend, Renault announced their first profit in nearly 10 years. Things seem to be heading upwards for the French team off the circuit as well as on it.

"I think we've been quite lucky. Over the last two to three years since Renault took ownership of the team, we've pumped an awful lot of money into capital investment," said Chester in an interview with Formula 1.

"We've got a pain facility we didn't use to have, we've got buildings for machining chassis, and machining centres...we've got our own 60% wind tunnel."

With all these tools available, the team are aiming to be serious title contenders very quickly.

"It's just that you can only build up at a certain rate, so we've now built up a lot thinking about what we need to do towards 2021."

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