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Hamilton first time without a GP win in a season: 'Incredible'

Hamilton first time without a GP win in a season: 'Incredible'

24 November - 15:50 Last update: 17:59


Mercedes has had a turbulent season. The German formation suffered from porpoising in the early stages, while also failing to compete with Ferrari and Red Bull Racing in other areas. Although Mercedes still managed to fight back and thus showed handsome work, Mika Hakkinen does not expect the team to enjoy another season like this.

"It’s been a very tough year for Mercedes," Hakkinen assessed in his column for Unibet. "It is incredible to think that this is the first season in which Lewis has not won a Grand Prix since the started of his F1 career back in 2007."

Hamilton and Mercedes are determined

However, the former Formula 1 driver does not think Hamilton and Mercedes are going to sit back. The formation managed to win both the sprint race and main race in Brazil with George Russell, while it managed to produce more good performances in the closing stages of the season.

Therefore, there is a lot of hope for the Germans who, with Hamilton, have a driver in house who would love to celebrate his eighth world title yet. "I think this will make him even more determined next season. One thing is fore sure – he and Mercedes will definitely not want a repeat of 2022!"

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