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'Ferrari considers veto due to unfair advantage for Red Bull Powertrains'

'Ferrari considers veto due to unfair advantage for Red Bull Powertrains'

24-11-2022 08:09 Last update: 09:31

Ferrari, according to the Italian edition of about to use its veto power. The Italian racing stable has had this tool in its pocket for years and is now said to be threatening to finally use it, to the detriment of Red Bull Racing.

The engine regulations for 2026 are already in place and, with Mercedes, Red Bull Powertrains and Audi, there are also three major brands that have already committed to the new era. Renault is about to sign, Porsche and Honda are still considering their options, but at Ferrari, however, they do not want to sign.

Ferrari issues ultimatum

According to the Italian medium, Ferrari would have already settled on the simplified engines from 2026 to give new engine suppliers a chance in F1, but Ferrari is now drawing a line. New suppliers will get more budget to develop the engine in the early years and also more time to test the engine. A logical solution for Audi, but for Red Bull Powertrains it is an unfair advantage, according to Ferrari.

Red Bull Powertrains counts as a new entry and can count on the benefits of a new entry, but Ferrari does not agree. For instance, Red Bull would already have knowledge of the current generation of engines in its partnership with Honda, and benefits from all the knowledge it has brought in with the recruitment of frontrunners from the Mercedes engine project.

Ferrari would therefore refuse to sign on to the new engine deal, giving F1 an ultimatum. It would even consider using the veto power it has had for years as a historic team in F1. Whether this will actually come about remains to be seen. F1 will want to avoid that controversy and look for a solution to keep Ferrari in the sport as well.