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Verstappen manages to beat Hamilton off the track too

Verstappen manages to beat Hamilton off the track too

23 November - 09:48 Last update: 13:23


Lewis Hamilton did not manage to come close to Max Verstappen's performance this season. However, the Dutchman did not only beat his rival on the track, as according to Forbes Verstappen has also passed Hamilton financially.

The US business magazine has surveyed who the top earners are within Formula 1 every year since 2013. Every calendar year Hamilton emerged victorious, but this season the rankings have a new driver in first place. Indeed, Verstappen stroked out the most this season.

With his salary and bonuses, Verstappen is estimated to earn $60 million a year. It means Hamilton has been in second place since this calendar year. However, the Mercedes driver need not be unhappy either, as his income was $55 million.

Alonso earns half of Verstappen's income

The difference with the other drivers is significant. Fernando Alonso is in third place: the Spaniard received $30 million at Alpine. Sergio Perez and Charles Leclerc close out the top five, while George Russell is in tenth place.

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