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Alonso wants to take third world title at Aston Martin: 'I believe that'

Alonso wants to take third world title at Aston Martin: 'I believe that'

23 November - 06:44 Last update: 08:57


Fernando Alonso has finished his last Grand Prix for Alpine and is focusing on Aston Martin from this week. With his team, he hopes to compete for winning the world championship in the coming years, although he knows the challenge will be great.

At 41 years old, Alonso still has not had enough of driving in Formula 1. For now, the driver has two world titles under his belt and hopes to add a third title later in life. It remains to be seen whether this will succeed at Aston Martin, but Alonso is confident.

"I only continue because I believe we will have a chance," he stressed in conversation with the BBC. "This is a very competitive environment and to become a champion you need to deliver something special. I am ready to deliver something special from my side and I expect the same from them."

Vettel wants to help Aston Martin

Vettel does not expect Aston Martin to be able to drive among the top teams next season yet. However, he hopes that the formation can grow in the coming racing years. The driver himself expects to compete for the motorsport class for two to three more seasons.

"I will take it year by year. Last season [I was] maybe not 100%," he recalls. "If I drive like I did this year for example, that I feel very proud of, I will continue whatever the results are next year because I know that whatever are the results I can give to the team."

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