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Vettel satisfied: Setback helped him become who he is today

Vettel satisfied: Setback helped him become who he is today

17-11-2022 06:42 Last update: 09:09


For Sebastian Vettel, it really is over after Sunday. The German will race his last Grand Prix before enjoying his retirement. With four world titles, he will forever be one of the greatest F1 drivers of all time.

Many media outlets are taking the time this week to publish farewell interviews with Vettel. So did The Race with the German, who says he is very satisfied with all he has achieved. Full of pride, he talks about the many highlights, the great races he drove and the people he has all had the pleasure of meeting.

Good time

His championships were all won with Red Bull Racing. At Ferrari, although he still won races, he never managed to win the title again. Looking back, he still feels good about everything that has happened. “Surely, there are some moments that maybe weren’t great, but I think they helped me to arrive where I am today. So I don’t have any real regrets. I think I had a very good time. That sums it up", he says.

Vettel is leaving the sport at a time of his choosing. After leaving Ferrari - where his contract was not renewed - the end of his career could have been just around the corner. At Aston Martin, the German was given the chance to race the last few years. That will be over after Sunday. And then? “I’m very much looking forward to having nothing scheduled and no commitments,” said Vettel. “What that does to me? I think it will do a lot of things to my head and to the dynamics. But I’m curious to find out what exactly that will be. No commitments, nothing that I signed up for. But I have lots of ideas and things I would love to do. But they are not thick commitments.”