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Possible Binotto resignation should have happened earlier: 'Just embarrassing'

Possible Binotto resignation should have happened earlier: 'Just embarrassing'

15-11-2022 16:17 Last update: 18:34


Italy's Gazzetta dello Sport reported on Tuesday that Binotto is likely to be sacked by Ferrari. The Italian is due to be replaced by Alfa Romeo team boss Fred Vasseur in January. Meanwhile, the team itself revealed in a statement that there is no truth to the rumours. Robert Doornbos believes that heads really need to roll within the team anyway, as the performance is bad for both Formula 1 and Ferrari's image.

At the beginning of the season, it was clear that the title fight this year would be between Ferrari and Red Bull Racing. However, the Italian team threw away the title itself due to several strategic mistakes, as well as poor reliability of the car. That Binotto might now leave comes as no surprise. It has been said for some time that there needs to be a restructuring within the team if Ferrari wants to win a world title in the future.

"I still find it incredible that they haven't made any management changes in the summer break and that no heads are rolling. Sure, that sounds fierce, but that does happen at other organisations that fail to perform. As long as there are no consequences, the mistakes keep piling up," former F1 driver Doornbos writes in his column for TopGear.

'Ferrari's performance bad for the sport'

At the Brazilian Grand Prix, Mercedes managed to finish ahead of Ferrari with a one-two finish. This put Lewis Hamilton and George Russell further ahead of the Italians in the battle for P2 in the championship. If Ferrari also loses second place after the title, the drama will be complete.

Doornbos already predicted in his column that people will soon have to leave Ferrari. "It's just embarrassing at the moment, so I can see things changing in the winter break. The performance is bad for the sport and also bad for Ferrari's image. In my view, this can't go on like this."