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Analyst critical on Verstappen's decision: 'Not his strongest moment'

Analyst critical on Verstappen's decision: 'Not his strongest moment'

15-11-2022 09:38 Last update: 10:04


Dutch analyst Ho-Pin Tung thinks Max Verstappen disrupted the team dynamic with his action in Brazil. In the podcast De Boordradio from Nu.nl, Tung addressed Verstappen's choice to ignore team orders and not let Sergio Perez pass.

Verstappen's decision to go against his team's order and maintain his own position results in Perez now going into the final race of the season on equal terms with Charles Leclerc. The two drivers are fighting for second place in the championship. Had Verstappen done what the team asked of him, Perez would have had a small lead of two points.

Verstappen's angry board radio after the race soon gave room for speculation. The rumour surfaced that this could possibly be a settlement for the Monaco Grand Prix earlier this year, where some believe Perez deliberately crashed to retain pole position himself. Tung stressed that it might be true but that we will probably never know what Verstappen's exact reasoning was. As long as he does not comment on that himself, it remains guesswork.

'It's still a team sport'

More important to Tung is what role Verstappen has in the team. It is abundantly clear that the team is focused on ensuring the best possible result for Verstappen, and that immediately means that Verstappen has been given a leadership position at Red Bull Racing. "Personally, I didn't think it was strong from Verstappen," Tung said. "Verstappen's strength is that he has acquired the role as a leader within the team in a positive way and with resounding results, that's what makes his position so strong. But however you look at it, it is still a team sport in which you depend on each other."

"With such an action, you especially upset many people on the workfloor," the analyst continued. "But we have seen in the past that Verstappen can be very firm in his opinions and decisions. Then they can shout anything from the pit wall, but Verstappen is in the car and decides what he does."

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