UPDATE: No suspension for Pierre Gasly


12 November at 21:59
Last update 12 November at 21:59
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Pierre Gasly has to report to the stewards after the sprint race in Brazil. The Frenchman is said to have driven unnecessarily too slowly and for this he must now explain himself to the stewards. If found guilty, the AlphaTauri driver may face a Grand Prix suspension.

Gasly is on edge. A driver is only allowed a maximum of 12 penalty points in a 12-month period, otherwise a GP exclusion will follow. If the 26-year-old driver gets one more penalty point on his licence, he will not be allowed to compete in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

It does mean that Gasly would start his adventure at Alpine with a clean slate. If he remains faultless in Brazil and Abu Dhabi, he means that in the first GPs of 2023, he will have to remain very careful not to experience a false start at his new employer.

Update | No punishment for Gasly

Pierre Gasly can breathe a sigh of relief. The Frenchman has been found guilty, but has only received a warning from the stewards and so he is not suspended next week in Abu Dhabi.

Gasly has to go to the stewards