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Formula 1 and AWS announce extension of their partnership

Formula 1 and AWS announce extension of their partnership

03-11-2022 12:46 Last update: 15:30


Formula 1 has in a press release announced the renewal of their partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Web giant Amazon's cloud services have been used by Formula 1 for a wide range of data processing since 2018. It was not disclosed for how long the partnership will be extended.

AWS are involved in almost all the data seen during the race. Data provided by AWS can regularly be seen on screen, such as on how many laps drivers can overtake each other or what are the speeds at which the cars go past certain points. In total, there are 20 models on screen during the race provided by AWS. AWS are also very involved in Formula 1 behind the scenes. For example, AWS' aerodynamics models have played a decisive role in the design of this season's cars.

The data is not always accurate. In the past, for instance, AWS also indicated what the tyre life was left on a specific car, but regularly drivers managed to go way past that. Also, until this season, AWS still indicated how difficult it was expected to overtake someone. It was not unusual to see overtaking on track that should be almost impossible according to AWS' data.

'We look forward to the next chapter'

In the press release, both parties react enthusiastically to the extension. Brandon Snow, commercial director of Formula 1, said, "We look forward to the next chapter of this powerful partnership which is central to F1’s fan experience."

Matt Garman, the vice president of marketing at AWS, added: "With such a data-driven sport as F1, this partnership has been a natural fit – helping the sport better utilize, analyse and act upon data to deliver insights to fans that weren’t possible before this collaboration. Their vision and execution for digital transformation is impressive and we are excited F1 has selected AWS to continue to innovate together."