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Verstappen lashes out: Sky Sports are constantly disrespectful towards me

Verstappen lashes out: Sky Sports "are constantly disrespectful towards me"

30-10-2022 23:05

It was quickly established for Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing that they did not want to use the hard tyre during Sunday's race. The reigning world champion tells this after the Mexico Grand Prix. Verstappen also discusses his decision not to speak to Sky Sports this weekend.

"I didn't consider it today either," Verstappen said, according to about the option of starting on the hard tyre, just as the Mercedes did. "During the first free practice I tried it and it didn't feel good, so we preferred not to use those hard tyres in the race."

Verstappen gives explanation

News emerged on Sunday that Verstappen is deliberately no longer giving interviews to the medium operating in Britain, Italy and Germany. The entire Red Bull team, including Helmut Marko and Christian Horner, supported Verstappen in this by backing the boycott. Verstappen has since given more explanation as to why.

"They are constantly disrespectful towards me this year and once is enough. Social media is pretty toxic and it doesn't help when you walk around proclaiming things like this live on TV. Then once is enough and I won't answer anymore," he is clear. It seems that the boycott stems from some statements pit reporter Ted Kravitz made last weekend.