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Verstappen didn't enjoy Singapore GP: 'I want a good weekend every time'

Verstappen didn't enjoy Singapore GP: 'I want a good weekend every time'

4 October - 17:49 Last update: 22:11

Max Verstappen did not enjoy the Singapore Grand Prix one bit. It ended up being the frustrating race he predicted for himself and he wants to put the weekend behind him soon.

It started with a disappointing qualifying session due to an error in judgement by Red Bull Racing, but even on Sunday, there was no good result in it for the championship leader. Consequently, Verstappen did not enjoy his race for a moment, which he predicted on Saturday would be a frustrating one.

Verstappen balks at weekend in Singapore

That frustration is not in the missed opportunity to secure his second world title, as Verstappen also acknowledges that that is fine. "We have a big lead, but I want to have a good weekend every single time," said the Dutchman in conversation with "And this has just been a really terrible weekend."

From eighth position, the Dutchman also experienced a poor start, after which he had to make up more places. He managed to do so quite well, but he describes being constantly stuck behind other drivers as a frustrating experience. Moreover, the Red Bull driver had to start all over again after a brake failure in his overtaking attempt on Lando Norris, after which he was forced to make a pit stop. After this, Verstappen still managed to climb up to seventh place before the end.

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