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Red Bull open to engine partner: 'They are interested again'

Red Bull open to engine partner: 'They are interested again'

01-10-2022 07:55 Last update: 11:05


Helmut Marko confirmed that talks are underway with Honda about a possible engine deal. It was announced in September that there would be no deal between Red Bull Racing and Porsche, throwing off the German marque's return to F1.

The set-up of Red Bull Powertrains

Honda left Formula 1 after the 2021 season ended, but is still closely involved in the engine project that Red Bull has since set up. As such, Red Bull receives technical support from the Japanese brand.

Speaking to ORF, Marko revealed that making its own engine has not been the only option for the Austrian team. When Honda announced it would quit Formula 1, there have even been talks with Ferrari. "But you can imagine that if we had had a Ferrari engine now, it would not run as well as in the factory car," Marko revealed.

An engine partner or not?

In the end, Red Bull chose to set up its own engine programme. For this, hundreds of people were hired and a factory was built. The first engine is already running on the test bench, Marko added.

Red Bull Powertrains, as the project is called, is getting stronger every day, but that does not mean Red Bull is not looking for a partner. Honda might want to re-enter F1. "There are now talks with Honda, who are showing interest in working together again after all," Marko said. The important thing, as with the failed deal with Porsche, is that the Red Bull DNA is not compromised in any potential deal.