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Ferrari joins Wolff over Red Bull: 'We expect transparency'

Ferrari joins Wolff over Red Bull: 'We expect transparency'

30-09-2022 19:47 Last update: 20:28


Red Bull Racing may have exceeded its budget cap in 2021, and that news is coming in for considerable criticism of the team. Ferrari chief Laurent Mekies joins Toto Wolff's statements in demanding seriousness and transparency from the FIA.

The budget cap was created in F1 to make the competition between the ten teams a bit fairer. The spending of the big teams like Red Bull, Mercedes and Ferrari has been severely restricted by this measure. However, it is alleged that Red Bull went over the limit with its spending last year, in the year Max Verstappen became world champion. The other teams immediately condemn the alleged crime.

Ferrari joins appeal Wolff

Ferrari engineer Mekies is also outspoken about the allegations made against Red Bull. Speaking to Sky Sports F1, he says: "We take this situation very seriously. We expect resolute action from the FIA. We trust the organisation hundred per cent because it has gained a strong position in recent months. We expect severity in this matter and transparency so that we can compete with each other and the same rules apply to everyone."

Mekies thus demands that the matter be investigated and does not think Red Bull can get off with a warning. Mekies: "The consequences are huge. We need to establish it first, but then it is important to find out what the consequences have been for 2021, 2022 and even for 2023." Mekies concluded the conversation by reiterating his demand that the FIA take this matter extremely seriously.