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FIA hopes for more overtaking in Singapore with three DRS zones

29 September at 08:54
Last update 29 September at 09:41
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The Singapore Grand Prix will have no less than three DRS zones this coming weekend. The FIA probably hopes to encourage overtaking with this.

After being absent for two years, the 2022 Singapore GP is back on the F1 calendar. Due to the corona virus, the race could not take place for two years, but now it can again. The Marina Bay Street Circuit is a favourite circuit among many drivers because it demands a lot from them. However, overtaking is not so easy here.

More overtaking in Singapore

Because it is a street circuit and the streets in Marina Bay are also very narrow, overtaking is very difficult. Usually, overtaking takes place through a pit stop and the accompanying undercut or overcut. In 2022, with three DRS zones, F1 and the FIA hope to increase on-track overtaking as well.

The first DRS detection point sits just after turn 3. This determines whether you have access to an open rear wing on the straight between Turn 5 and Turn 7. Right before turn 13 is the second detection point for the DRS stretch between turn 13 and turn 14. The last DRS stretch is over start/finish. Detection for this is done between turns 21 and 22.