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Domenicali: 'It's not because of us that there is no German GP'

Domenicali: 'It's not because of us that there is no German GP'

26-09-2022 17:56 Last update: 19:27


There is no longer a German Grand Prix on the calendar and no GP weekend in Germany is planned on the 2023 calendar either. According to F1 boss Stefano Domenicali, this is mainly due to the lack of interest from the Germans themselves.

Germany is F1 and F1 is Germany

Indeed, the Italian himself would love to have a German Grand Prix back on the calendar. Formula 1 feels a clear kinship with Germany and vice versa. For instance, some of the greatest champions in F1 history are German, think Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel, but also the most hegemonic team of the past decade, Mercedes, is a German car manufacturer. With the entry of 'Volkswagen Group brands' Audi and Porsche, the German footprint in Formula 1 is only growing.

That there is no longer a German GP is therefore not only unfortunate, but also remarkable. In German Spiegel Domenicali spoke about the German GP. Domenicali: "If anyone wants a German GP, it's me. I just don't see any representatives in Germany who want to sit down with us and make a constructive suggestion." Therefore, according to the F1 boss, it is entirely in the hands of the Germans themselves. At the same time, Liberty Media-owned Formula 1 is making a major move from continental Europe to the United States and the Middle East. France is also off the calendar next year.

F1 move doesn't make things easier for Germany

In the Middle East, the races of Saudi Arabia and Qatar have been added. In the US, in addition to the Austin GP, the Miami GP and the Las Vegas GP are scheduled. In contrast, the Belgium GP narrowly retained a place on the calendar and the Monaco GP was also a case for discussion. Domenicali is aware of the shift: "We know that the value of a race in Europe is different from that of a race anywhere else in the world. If you want to have a Picasso, you have to spend a lot of money."

With this comment, Domenicali wants to say that the financial picture in Germany cannot be completed. Whereas at Spa, Zandvoort and Spielberg there are always full grandstands, that was not the case in Germany for a long time. Domenicali also notes from the viewing figures that interest in the sport is declining in Germany. Still, the Italian says: "I am sure there is a working revenue model in a Grand Prix with such a fan base as in Germany. My door is wide open for a possible conversation."