Albon about Williams priorities early season: 'That wasn’t enjoyable'

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25 September 2022 at 20:30
Last update 26 September 2022 at 08:53

Alexander Albon has shown promising results since his comeback in Formula 1, so it came as no surprise that the Thai driver was offered a multi-year contract by Williams. In the coming years, Albon hopes to play a role in his team's growth.

Williams has clearly made progress during the current F1 season. According to Albon, his team's focus was not where it should have been after the winter tests, putting it behind the competition. "The team was investing slightly more in infrastructure and things like that, rather than the car itself, so it wasn’t enjoyable," he says in an interview with Give Me Sport.

Albon looks to future at Williams

Since then, however, the British racing team has made great strides and developed the car in the right direction. "We’ve been very good at optimising the car with strategy in qualifying and we may score points in tricky circumstances," notes Albon. As an example, he cites Zandvoort, a circuit that would normally not suit Williams as well. Yet Albon showed strong race pace there too.

Looking ahead, Albon hopes to help his team get back to the front, a challenge made greater by the introduction of the budget cap. "It’s great when you sign something long-term with a team. There’s a lot more involvement in the steps for next year because you’ve really got to think what can we do to the car," Albon concluded.