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Mercedes disappoints: 'Just proves what we have all known for years'

Mercedes disappoints: 'Just proves what we have all known for years'

25 September - 07:30 Last update: 08:06


Mercedes is experiencing a disappointing season in Formula 1. Although the German racing stable has proved capable of contending for both world titles every season since 2014, it is in third place in the constructors' championship six races before the end in 2022. It faces Ferrari by a small distance, but Gary Anderson does not know whether it is wise to overtake them.

The former Jordan F1 technical director openly wonders at The Race whether it would be wise for Mercedes to take the loss. Whereas it would be more financially attractive for Toto Wolff's team to be one place higher, Anderson says he needs to look at the longer term.

"While Mercedes isn’t far behind Ferrari in the battle for second in the constructors’ championship, perhaps the real prize is finishing third and getting that bit extra windtunnel and CFD time," he noted in his analysis.

Mercedes' performance disappoints

For years, Mercedes was known as the team that managed to perform consistently with a reliable car. Anderson finds it remarkable that with the current team, which is still made up of good people, the formation fails to compete at the front. "I suppose that just proves what we have all known for years: car performance is critical," he said.

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