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Verstappen impresses Glock: 'So competitive against Hamilton'

Verstappen impresses Glock: 'So competitive against Hamilton'

23-09-2022 13:01 Last update: 16:51


Timo Glock is impressed by the way the younger generation of Formula 1 drivers such as Max Verstappen and George Russell are coping against the experienced drivers in the sport.

New talent is constantly entering Formula 1. Verstappen, Russell, Charles Leclerc and Lando Norris are seen as the next generation in the sport who will take over from older drivers such as Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso.

Glock is impressed by the new talent in the sport, but especially by Verstappen. The Dutchman is very close to his second world title. "It feels like he’s turning Formula 1 upside down at the moment. The way he dominates, how he grew up being so competitive against Lewis," the German says in the Beyond the Grid podcast.

Glock impressed by Verstappen and Russell

"Lewis being the older guy as well as Alonso being so experienced, still having the hunger and being so motivated to beat the young guys. It’s just really interesting to see," the former F1 driver continues. Russell, driving alongside Hamilton for the first time this season, is also impressing Glock. The Briton is currently above Hamilton in the drivers' championship.

"It's very interesting to see what the young guys, when they come up next to the big hero, Lewis Hamilton, how they learn from them and how they very quickly understand what to do and adapt to it and take it on board and do it themselves.”

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