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Hamilton on new generation: 'There is an awful lot of talent here'

Hamilton on new generation: 'There is an awful lot of talent here'

23-09-2022 11:02 Last update: 11:03


Lewis Hamilton has been running in Formula 1 for a while now, and in all that time he has developed several relationships with his colleagues. In an interview with Racer.com the Mercedes driver addressed the connections he has with the other drivers on the grid.

The long-running rivalry between Hamilton and Fernando Alonso is well known by now, and came to the fore again recently after the two clashed at the Spa circuit. And although they handled it maturely afterwards, Alonso certainly did not hide his frustration over the board radio.

In Sebastian Vettel, Hamilton has found a more like-minded spirit. Although they have also seen each other as rivals often enough in the past, it is mainly their activism in which the two find common ground. Both men are very outspoken on social and community issues, and this combined with their results on the track has led to a lot of respect and a good friendship between the two. According to Hamilton, this will only increase, even if Vettel is no longer racing in Formula 1 next year.

The new generation

With the younger generation, Hamilton is also trying to maintain good ties. Hamilton himself started in the sport at a young age, so he has the necessary experience in that area. He remembers well the problems he faced at that age, and wants to make sure his younger colleagues experience the same now.

"I try to be supportive of them as much as possible, because I've been there myself. I know how tough it is at some of these teams. When you're in your early twenties you have no idea of what you can and cannot do or how best to navigate it all. There's so much talent there. I'm super excited about Lando Norris and Charles Leclerc, these guys really excel and move forward."