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Leclerc doesn't understand comparison: 'Completely different'

Leclerc doesn't understand comparison: 'Completely different'

22 September - 14:27 Last update: 18:47


Charles Leclerc sees sustainability becoming an increasingly important part of Formula 1. The Monegasque likes the development of the motorsport class, but wonders what the effect will be. He told the Muschio Selvaggio Podcast.

Whereas Formula 1 was widely criticised in the past over emissions, the sport has managed to change this drastically in recent years. Despite this, drivers like Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel continue to insist on the need for change. Leclerc too recognises that.

"F1 is getting greener and greener," says Leclerc, who asks himself how far the developments will go. "I don't know if I imagine an electric future, there are so many other technologies. In four to five years we might see hydrogen or other technologies in use."

Leclerc compares FE and F1

Formula E is an obvious example for Formula 1. Even in recent months, several argued that the two sides should work more closely together, but this does not seem to be coming about any time soon. According to Leclerc, there are big differences between them.

"There are so many differences between an F1 driver and FE, the approach is completely different, also in terms of performance. They then drive on city circuits only. They are lucky because they go to beautiful cities, like Rome, London and Paris."

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